Black Blocs And RadFems

Well, they did do it.
As this video, posted on 18th January, predicts, the Black Bloc appeared in the streets of Egypt for the first time yesterday, 25th.

And yes, I do support them.
Ignoring the calls of “teenagers living in Mummy’s basement” is important here, as the Black Bloc movement is an accurate sign of the uprising of human people everywhere.

Born in a culture of often invisible violence, what appears insane to many people is really just one of the inevitable eruptions of the sickness which is civilzation. We can, in other words,expect this.

In other news which moved me today, I reproduce here what I believe is an important take on the current transphobia hysteria.

And again, I support what this woman is saying.
I’m sorry, I can’t claim that “some of my best friends are transwomen”, but while I’m certainly not transphobic, the core question of women’s safe spaces is an important one. And one which seems to be under attack by some transwomen – who, I’m sorry again, are men dammit – who have just about succeeded in making female-only spaces illegal.

In still more news – which really isn’t news at all but may help explain my fascination with both the above two videos – I took the autism spectrum test yesterday and scored 31. Most people on the autism spectrum score 32 and above. Make of that what you will.


2 responses to “Black Blocs And RadFems

  1. I'm seeing others have noted the appearance of the Black Block, but it's claimed that this black block is another CIA pet project, which seems likely.I'm not sure i agree with the "transexual" stuff though, so TS persons are being held accountable for the very thing they are trying to escape? I understand the (real) ladies perspective, but it's ends up being 2 wrongs …What is going on when it's almost against the law to speak ill of homosexuals, but transexuals are still demonised by straights and gays??The entire homosexual agenda has left me with a sick taste in my mouth. I don't have to accept any part of you that i don't wish to, whether you're gay straight religious or athiest. It's that freedom that the gays have taken from us forcibly. Maybe people were right to be afraid of them, they've completely changed our social standards, and i'm failing to see how it's been for the better.peace and love


  2. It's really the forced entry of transwomen into born-women's safe spaces which I'm against.I don't have any probs with LGBT people at all, until they try to force themselves into places they don;t need to be in. Females sometimes need spaces clear and safe from all males in which to gather- especially females who have been traumatised by males at some point, but it's the principle. If you have a penis and have XY chromosomes in every cell of your body, you may claim to have a woman's soul but you are not female. I so object to the way some trans women have forced the issue legally, demanding to be allowed into female conferences and into sacred female worship. It leaves nowhere safe from males for females.Love,T in J


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