Free Again

My weird-ometer has been unusually sensitive these last couple of days: in common, I would guess, with most peoples’ sense of the unusual at this time.

I went through a short period yesterday where it seemed I was stuck in a matrix glitch. I would pick up a shiny pebble – fallen off my beautifully wrapped leaving present – and put it away, only to return to the spot ten minutes later and find another pebble lying there. I would eat up half a biscuit laying forlorn on a plate, only to come back a little later to the same half-biscuit confronting me accusingly.

I stepped out into the back yard last night just in time to witness two great flaming orbs of orange-red sailing north-to-south in the eastern quadrant of the overcast sky. I’d never seen anything even faintly like them before, and I stood with my mouth hanging open, too stunned to get a camera. Although I did call Warren to see them.

Just before bed, I came over extremely dizzy.

So that appears to be that for the end-of-the-world-consciousness-shift for this baktun, anyway.

There’s nothing here that cannot be explained in rational, 3D terms.

But this morning, preparing the ritual space for new grass seed, I trundled up the driveway hefting a rake, following Scylla and Taranis, in Indian file also walking the car-wheel rut of nine years’ usage, who were in turn following Warren who was pushing a wheelbarrow.

And I snapped that picture in my mind, preserved forever. The beings I love, tending the land, in a time-between-times, free at last of the self-imposed shackles of Wetiko bondage.

Pic: Thanks to dreammclelland “Time Between Times”


2 responses to “Free Again

  1. Well my reply became a post on its own, but I'll hold off on a final celebration for now. Stuff like this has me convinced that the hard part ain't over. News24 spammed that into their headlines, pretending it's news and not an ad. Looking at that, it seems to me there's still a market for people shrinking up their own asses. At the same time I think some celebration is in order, because lots of people have already made the right choice in that regard.Last night I was meditating and felt something that felt like male and female universes colliding (in a good way). Isn't that strange?Happy new b'ak'tun, Aquila.


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