Poor Old Thing..

..we’re still not finished installing the new clutch.

It’s a big job for us. Hopefully sometime today.


4 responses to “Poor Old Thing..

  1. Hah!Yes, it's a bit late. But we are looking for another vehicle :)That was very interesting about the so called Junk DNA. Have you read Graham Hancock's "Supernatural"?He also avers that there's something more to this – although he thinks it's to do with the plant hallucinogens. I can confirm the intelligence of plants;I'm not sure yet that DNA has something to do with them. But why the hel not?Love,T in J


  2. I have a plan to buy myself one of those boxy Corollas from the late 80s. New cars are a burden to those who seek to become self-reliant; too many things to go wrong with the computers and no way to fix them yourself.Haven't read it. Plant hallucinogens as in the McKenna's theory of sped up evolution via mushrooms?


  3. We're also looking for an older model – for the same reasons. :)Sort of like Terrence McKenna's Stoned Ape theory. Hancock goes into more details tying together cave art, alien and faerie visitations and visionary plant ingestion. It's fascinating.Love,T in J


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