Hecate Propylaea

In honour of the Full Moon of the Scorpio-Taurus axis, which I always associate strongly with Hecate, I will be burning Myrrh tonight and holding the eastern seaboard of the US in my thoughts.

It seems as if, whenever I’ve had a moment to rest my mind today, I’ve looked into it and seen there a picture of unutterable peace and joy: a place I visited once in a dream and have never forgotten.
It was on the edge of the ocean, and the full moon hung over the blue-black-purple waves rolling to shore, casting silver and bright white highlights over all. There was a cove to the north, and a human-built structure on the natural jetty standing with huge doors open wide.

I saw it only once, but I have never forgotten it, or the way it made me feel. So at peace, so full of the beauty of life and night and moon and sea.

And now I am holding this place close to the surface, between the small stresses of the day and the wondering worry about Hurricane Sandy.

May Hecate guard your gates tonight.
May She fill us all with the beauty of moon-sea-night.
May She bear our light into the eye of the storm.
Blessed Be.

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