Though You Have Considered All The Facts

I could not, in a million years, have said it better than Sister Hecate does:

My religion doesn’t shy away from death, from the sacrifices that happen every moment, of every day, in Nature. My religion participates, equally, in the death of the robin and in the satisfaction of the fox, feeding her kits. My religion knows that corn cries out when it is picked and that the sow morns for her slaughtered piglets, just as I rejoice in seeing G/Son well-fed. My religion frightens some people because it does not shy away from what we call “the dark.” I want to be as fully present to the robin, who dies, as I will die, as I am to the fox, who eats, as I do eat.

And also, with Wendell Berry, remember to

Be joyful though you have considered all the facts.


Pic: From the SquirrelBasket


2 responses to “Though You Have Considered All The Facts

  1. I was at a funeral saturday, for a fallen biker. What a pleasant surprise to find the family … not happy, as such, but at peace with his passing.Rejoicing for the son they had, who lived and died with passion for life and at peace with all.His widow released 7 sky lanterns at dusk, one for each year of marriage. May i be remembered so :)peace and love T


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