Pistachio Green Audi

Last night I dreamt of a pale green Audi-quite an expensive car.
The Audi drove on a road a little elevated above another, crossing, road.
Those of you who’ve stayed with me will know that cars in my dreams are generic four-wheeled vehicles almost exclusively. When they aren’t, it means something more than  a dream is afoot.

In this dream, a man was flung out of the car onto the crossing road below, where he was hit by something else. I woke in horror as I saw his arms and legs separated from his body and blood fountained into the air.

Meanwhile, this was happening only a few kilometres from my sleeping body.

I still have no satisfactory mechanism to explain why I – infrequently – get these intimations. I think that I should stop looking for them. They just are, self-demonstrating.


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