Ask A Shaman

Playing along with the Mercury retrograde at its peak, we have experienced a fallen-over database table, a fallen over data warehouse and a fallen over risk management system. And that’s just at work.
At home, just ask Warren about the fallen-over horse racing comms systems. This morning, in a last-gasp mirroring, we had a suburb-wide power failure at 3 am.
We’ll be finished with this nonsense by tomorrow mostly – just a few electronic ghosts popping up over the next week to remind us – and I can go forward once more. Hopefully.

But that’s not what I wanted to mention this morning. This article tells us that, in the cities, Sparrows alter their dialect. In common with most humans, dogs and plants, they speak in a different tone and with subtly altered vocabulary to the way they communicate in the countryside.
Well, as the saying goes, duh.

I realise that many of us humans like to have stuff proven by scientific methods. It seems to be a part of our makeup, or maybe just a large part of our enculturation, that we need backup to our knowledge.
But, really. we could have saved the time and money we spent on that little project and put it towards, for instance, female education in Africa.
We could, in other words, wanting confirmation of this deeply-known fact, just have asked a Shaman.


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