Cotton Ceiling

At the  risk of sounding like a transphobic bigot myself, I have to say that I’m starting to think that Z Budapest has something when she says that real women are born, not made on the operating table.
And yes, I know that that is a highly charged thing to say.

But look here at the completely patriarchal, entitled attitude of a male-to-female transwoman who seems to be claiming that the presence of a penis does not make her body a male one.

From one point of view, I have every sympathy with her. But that certainly doesn’t mean that women who, perhaps understandably, don’t want to have sex with her are cissexual or queer bigots. It means that for some women, the male body is not only undesirable sexually, but also can be perceived as threatening, in that inimical way of the patriarchy for the last 6000 years or so.

Let’s be clear here: the penis is not a female organ, even if the brain with which it is associated is experienced as female. And there are people who just do not need or want that male organ anywhere near them, intimately. These people should not be accused of bigotry or transphobia. I’m afraid that the attitude of the “redacted trans” in the blog I’ve pointed to is nothing short of male entitlement.

For myself, no, I’m not particularly threatened by penises or the lack of them. But it does take being  a woman in this world, at this time, to fully plumb the depths of the horror the patriarchy has visited upon us. or rather, that we have visited upon ourselves. Penis/no penis – we’re all God, and we are all that we have. Let us Love, rather than threaten, each other.


6 responses to “Cotton Ceiling

  1. I read the post you linked to and all I have to say is "Wow."OK, I'll say more than that.I just don't get (and perhaps it is my failing) how a person who self identifies as a woman and yet still has a penis can claim oppression or discrimination from cis women, gay or otherwise.I've assumed in the little bit I've read regarding the whole Budapest brouhaha, that the trans-women involved had had sexual reassignment surgery. It never crossed my mind that some had not. Whether those who have had the surgery might have been included in Budapest's ceremonies is one thing (and it is Budapest's choice), but knowing (now) that some who cried foul at her decision to exclude actually still have penises boggles my mind.I truly don't understand self identifying as female while still having male hormones and anatomy.Somebody help me understand! :)Cassia


  2. Hello Aquila. I am a member of the 'womyn's' community that so antagonizes the transactivists. I would like to impart a bit of background on all of this. The depth and breadth of this issue has extended for us for more or less two decades now. We have been hammered online, lied about, seen our lesbian and womyn's spaces co-opted beyond recognition and have been the subject of violence & humiliation frequently. This is all because we choose to define ourselves and live our lives as we see fit and not in a manner that suits them. These people are very good at garnering sympathies for themselves by positioning this as a 'rights' issue and using the language of the civil rights movement. Folks like yourself are, of course, drawn the seeming injustice of it all without knowing the whole story. One womon was publicly humiliated by PFLAG National on the part of transactivists. What did she do? Nothing more than respond to her customers requests for a specific design that represented their pride in themselves as womyn. I blogged about it here 2010 the folks of Camp Trans, which situates itself across from the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, engaged in violence, vandalism, and intimidation against the attendees. There were threats of coming into the festival with bats and sticks to 'confront the transphobes'. There were gunshots at night and cars were vandalized. These people did not care that they terrorized us or that those cars may have belonged to handicapped or poor womyn. There is so much more to know about all of this and if you'd like to explore it I'd be happy to help.


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