Just Say No

Today is Just Say No To Stupidity day.

The things you can do today to help keep stupidity in its place are, inter alia:

Turn off that damned popular radio station on your drive to work. I don’t know why they insist that they’re brightening people’s day when in fact they sound like brain dead morons.

Refuse to read even one Mass Media headline. Ghouls and attention whores, the lot of them – when they’re not in the pockets of wealthy interests.

Stomp on that temptation to make small talk about the weather or the latest celebrity death. Well – OK, maybe the weather holds the promise of brain-stimulating discussion. If you can’t potentially at least improve or challenge yourself or your audience by what you’re about to say – don’t open your mouth.

Try, at least some of the time, to really be here now.

Brought to you by the woman who turned down the car radio while yelling  shut the fuck up you brain dead morons just this morning.


4 responses to “Just Say No

  1. Haha! Glad to know I'm not the only one to yell stuff like "Ahh, shut the f$%* up you f*%$?ards!!!" before I hit the off button of the radio, or especially the tv when I can have the pleasure of shuttin it up…


  2. I usually listen to Classic FM, until they start talking, though I do listen to the traffic reportsd. But Sunday would not be the same without the Sunday morning drive down Tsamaya Avenue in Mamelodi reading the newspaper posters while slowing for the speedbumps. My favourite, from the Sunday Sun: Zombie stole my soap.


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