It Feels Like Letting Go

Well, this is interesting.

With just 2 days to go before the Supreme Court case against RSS Security, I have discovered within myself a total loss of trust in anything human.
I’m not particularly angry – just infinitely, quietly, sad.

It appears very clear to me that trustworthiness, honesty and ethics are almost completely absent from most of the human animals around me at any given time.

I’m not sure why I’m surprised – given the nature of the insanity bred into our culture. But self-serving, greedy, grasping people seem to be the norm now. It’s grab what you can to advantage yourself.

I’ve discovered a detachment I didn’t know I was capable of: a total letting-go of all investment in outcome. It’s curiously liberating, to know that I’ve done my best out of Love and commitment, and that other people – well, they are under no control of mine, and it has ceased to make me anxious in any way whatsoever. What happens will happen, and it doesn’t make any difference either way. On Friday, win or lose, I know I’ve put what I needed to put into this action.

And, by the way, those sparrows in the last post? Somehow, when the tree was moved, despite being roughly handled and tilted every which way but upside-down, the nest remained firmly in the tree. This is not due to the efforts of the humans involved, apparently. It seems that tree and birds contrived to keep the nest safe.

Here’s another curious layer: I feel fairly heavily overshadowed by Hecate at the moment. She seems to not expect too much of human animals, either – which shouldn’t be surprising , seeing as She and We created each other. But it’s another facet to my odd, rock-bottom despondence which doesn’t feel like pain or fear in the tiniest particle.

It feels like letting go and saying: Thy Will and Mine – Our Divine Will – be done, now, Lady. There is nothing further to strive for.

Pic: Found Here


2 responses to “It Feels Like Letting Go

  1. I feel like that on the morning of the toyrun, you've done everything you can, and now things must run their course.What will be will be.Holding thumbs for you anyway.Peace and love


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