Never Mind The Reasons

Hey, how many of us remember growing crystals in a saucer in school?

You would be given a bunch of copper sulphate, or something, and if you made up a solution of this with a little water – and made the solution up just right – you could stick a piece of string into it and grow crystals all along it. Magic.
The key of course was the solution. It had to be super saturated. And then, anything of large enough dimension which was placed into it would act as a flash-point for all those copper sulphate molecules hanging around.

I guess we have something like that in many, if not most, places in the civilized world today.

Take a population of humans, and divide them so that some – a very small number – are super rich and the rest either dirt poor or just getting by. Increase this division so that the super rich get even richer, and end up controlling most of the resources that the entire human race needs to live. The pool of poor people increases, and those who were just getting by become poor, too.

Subject all humans to the machinations of a marketing and media organism which has as its one objective hypnotising people into believing that owning material goods equals power and worth, while at the same time making sure that the poor do not ever have enough nutritious food to eat – substitute junk food made from real junk, and watch those minds fail to grow and thrive.

Make sure that your media/marketing machine keeps the carrot of aspiration dangling- allow the people to fixate on the possibility of becoming themselves one of the elite.
Add to this mix a class drawn almost exclusively from the non-elite whose function is to protect the power, wealth and property of the elite. They may not think this is what they’re doing – after all, they’re humans just like us, trying to stay afloat – but that’s what it comes down to: the police in every nation are the guard dogs for the property and privilege of the rich. No wonder police men and women everywhere are so stressed and conflicted that they often end up shooting someone. And so provide the catalyst for the crystals.

Watching the world catch fire one city at a time is not fun. My son is living in England, but I feel no fear for him. I’m wondering why he isn’t out on the streets himself actually. And moaning about criminals who try to rob my loved ones is not helpful to anyone.

I feel no fear for myself, either. It’s happening, as it was bound to happen, and my chief feeling is that yes, it’s past time that this Wetiko civilization was put to the flames. It won’t stop the destruction of the Earth and much of its biological life, however.

The people rioting in Egypt and Lybia and London and Athens are huge allies to the planet.
Never mind the reasons.

And I – and you, too – are incredibly powerful, with the sort of power never dreamed of in such trash as The Secret and only envisioned by the elite themselves in their darkest nightmares.
Go, humans.


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