Archaic/Tribal Consciousness

When Anders Behring Breivik set the bomb in Oslo and when he opened fire upon a group of youths at a camp, what was he thinking?

His statement that he wanted to save Norway from a Muslim invasion has a ring of truth to it – or at least a ring of one truth, perhaps the top layer of truth in his mind.
I’ve never been good at psychoanalysing people, but by gods I do want to fit myself into their minds from time to time, if only to gain further insight into what this Wetiko culture has become, and is becoming.

That Breivik’s ‘level’ was firmly set at Tribal is a bit of a help. The integrity and purity of the tribe is so important to some humans that they will not hesitate to think along the lines of violence against the Outsiders.

That othering of the great majority of the rest of us is, I admit, pretty offensive. I’ve run up against this kind of thinking among the White Pride bozos. But what, really, are they thinking? What convinces them that their cause is so righteous that the cold blooded murder of scores of people is justified and heroic?

I fear that the heroic aspect is the key here. This man, like many men and a few women in this careening vessel of deepening sickness, have not evolved beyond the Red level. Their tribe, their people, their volk are the be all and end all. It is a cause to which they can give their passion and their lives. It is a pathetic place to be, but how much hope is there that this level of evolution will die out before the end of the century? Looking around me-and remember, I’m in Africa-I see very little light on the upward turn of the spiral.

This kind of being is partly what gives the Wetikos-in-Chief their tremendous power. Pandering to fear-based reactionism gives them a great and violent support base.
Do we have to just sit back, then, observe it all and sigh for the lack of evolutionary mobility among large parts of the human species? I hate to say this, but maybe, yes.
The bottom end of the spiral is heavily weighted against us in numbers and sheer ferocity of emotion. Can we afford to wait it out until these atavisms are dead or ineffective?

I don’t know the answers at this time. I would dearly love someone to shed some light on the questions, though.

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7 responses to “Archaic/Tribal Consciousness

  1. May the dead find peace.If you accept that he was a lone crazy, he's challenged the establishment, he committed mass murder, happily awaits life in prison (in norway – not too bad), and wants to tell his story, he got everything he wanted. And their is nothing that can be done to change that. He will be heard. But honestly, i never buy the lone gunman theory. I'd rther listen to what his victims were saying 2 days before. of understanding in there.peace and love


  2. I don't know that I agree with the concept of a spiral of consciousness. It seems like a different version of the linear "evolution of human consciousness" model that I definitely don't agree with. Instead, I see a progressive *devolution* away from the healthy, centered in the moment and connected to the web of life state of consciousness (Adam & Eve in the garden of eden, to use that analogy), beginning with the advent of domestication ("the fall"). From the earliest civilized mindset (which was a blend of the healthy connectedness & the toxic disconnection), to the traditional civilized mindset (still retaining some elements of "the old ways"), to the modern mechanistic worldview (denying spirit in everything but humans), to the post-modern worldview (denying spirit in everything). I guess I can envision a spiral there, but more as a descent into oblivion than an evolution of humanity. And I feel that more of the same (continuing on that line) is the wrong way to go – we must cycle back around and return to the old ways (only new, since nothing is as it was). So I guess the rainbow still holds true, since the spectrum transitions from ultraviolet back into infrared (through my favorite color, magenta).


  3. Someone who read his enormous testament said that he was obsessed with war games, and some kind of military expert said that video war games used the same techniques that are used in military training to break down human inhibitions against killing other human beings.


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