From Stones…To Cacti

How I wish I’d written this illuminating piece!

Think about how we are outnumbered by the non-dimorphic entities of the world. Think of Gaea not as a loving mother Goddess, but as an all-encompassing Both/And deity who is all things. Allow yourself to see the Divine as including all reproduction of all types, not having a specific form, but being manifest in everything, from stones to amoebas to helium to cacti.

But Lupa wrote it instead, today. I suppose it doesn’t really matter which part of Us wrote the thing in the end – it got written.

Thanks, Lupa love.


3 responses to “From Stones…To Cacti

  1. Yes, that post cuts deep. I disagree in one respect though, i think the "split" happens in the universe, once the space has been made, then light/dark happens. The act of discernment/cognition does that – creates the subject/object. Only when your consciousness makes the split though, it's a secondary effect. But one that as Lupa shows has become over riding in our culture(s). I watched Russel Peter's "The primacy of consciousness" lecture last night (eventually) and he comes to the same conclusions scientifically. It's all just one US.His take on light i found particularly refreshing.peace and love TADD: Will changing our thinking about the universe allow us to actually experience it differently?


  2. In response to David, yes, when my way of thinking about the universe changed, my experience of it totally did also. I think one necessarily flows from the other.


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