Jacob Zuma and the Ancestors

Most South Africans have had their breath taken away by President Jacob Zuma recently when, campaigning for the ruling African National Congress, he stated that the Ancestors would turn against you if you left the ANC.

This statement was met with hoots of derision, mostly, here in Joburg, from all cultures – except for the mainstream media, who carried it as straight news.
Not concerned with the diminuition of his standing in the eyes of most voters, the man who would be king – and who is planning on taking a fifth (or sixth) wife this year – went on flapping his mouth parts in the Eastern Cape, telling people that the Ancestors would be very upset should the ANC lose Nelson Mandela Bay, a traditional stronghold of the party.

But this is not the first time he’s threatened the folk with our forebears. This time last year, he was telling us we would get sick if we should dare to abandon the ruling party.

Now, as most of you know, I also claim to talk with the Ancestors. In fact I’d go so far as to say that while Zuma has claimed such conversation, I really do find myself passing timeless time outside of time in give-and-take with the once incarnated souls who are the Ancestors – of you, and me, and every human now materialised within the dream. For Zuma’s ancestors are naturally my own, as they are yours. The web goes back millions of years and turns and folds upon itself in more than three dimensions.

And so I say to you – and to the ANC, and to the rest of the people of South Africa – that President Zuma is lying. Whoever he claims to be talking to, they are not our Ancestors. For the Ancestors are never concerned with political factions, but only with the continuance of life and understanding upon this plane. They will greet you, surely, when you cross that threshold between our space and theirs; they will enfold you and welcome you and take you home to rest awhile. But they will not do so waving ANC, DA or IFP flags. They will not urge you to vote back into power someone who has demonstrated his utter disdain for the welfare of all of us, so that it comes secondary to his own material comfort. And they will not become angry or upset or make you ill should you decide not to back a party so corrupted by earthly power that their president is drunk upon it.

Make up your own minds, people – and, if you wish, consult with our Ancestors yourself. The truth will become evident – that Jacob Zuma is now, and probably has been for some time, lying through his teeth.

Pic: Gallo Images


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