Loyal Friends and Readers…

The Ancestors and I are in the middle of some pretty serious bargaining councils right now, and I’ve pretty much withdrawn my online presence until we’ve resolved some issues.

I didn’t mean to be rude by locking the blog down for a while and I hope to be back to regular posting sometime in the foreseeable future.

Thanks for your long-suffering patience.

Terri in Joburg


One response to “Loyal Friends and Readers…

  1. Hi AquilaI don't think I've commented much on your blog, if at all, but I do want to tell you how much your words here have inspired me over the last couple years. I'm guessing your break might have something to do with your last blog post? My ancestors have been very vocal as of late too. There's a lot going on ancestrally speaking for a lot of people it seems. Thanks again for your writing.Kind regards,Paolo


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