Edge Time

There comes, or there should come, a time in everyone’s incarnation when a limit is reached and transcended.

This week I finally, and probably much to everyone’s surprise, came up against my own limit in how I spend my days. I am now standing on the edge, looking across the chasm at the land on the other side, preparing to take the leap.

And I find that I very much have it in me to make that leap.
For a while, maybe, free falling. For a while, maybe, unconnected to the Earth as I transition from one state to another. For a while, maybe, groundless, rootless, adrift in spacetime with the aether whistling noisily around my skin.

But not making that leap is perhaps worse than dying while still incarnate – a change has called to me, a challenge has been presented. And I would be less than the human I aspire to be if I did not answer it.

Pic: Chrysti


2 responses to “Edge Time

  1. Hey Mary,Where have you been?There are calls for fairly major rethinkings of our old orders in the ground under our feet..which I'm attributing to the Saturn retrograde.Yes, it's a bit scary, but more exciting!Love,T


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