I and I

There is only One, eternally at rest and at peace. So through assuming the inner and outer position of stillness, you are bearing witness to that deepest part of yourself in the world of time and space.

..says Andrew Cohen. And says I.

Bad English day today for me, apparently.

But last night, sitting in Stillness before the East altar, the knowledge of Being was one of immensity. The little ‘i’ was perched on the wavefront of Big I, like a tiny reflection of All caught momentarily, allowed to reflect, permitted to observe.

Never mind Big Mind, Ken Wilber -it’s huge fucking mind, encompassing the space between the galaxies, and the spin of the quarks, all at once.

I rose out of Stillness with a reflexive, unstoppable, enormous grin on my face. I couldn’t stop smiling for quite a while.


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