Hospital Strikers: Eat Shit and Die

Striking hospital workers, part of a nation-wide public servants action, yesterday invaded operating theatres, pulled nurses out of their posts, and broke an X Ray machine.

Listening to all of this on the radio, as I’m in bed with the most horrible ‘flu I’ve had in many a year, I was completely repulsed by the screeching union members yelling about more mo-ney while babies and sick people died at their hands.

Union people, listen hard: the State is not your friend. The Police are certainly not your friends. Doctors, sick people and infants, however, are your innocent victims. How dare you, in the name of your materialistic complete lack of conscience?

Or am I overestimating your status as actual human beings? Probably.

Pic: Felix Dlangamandla, Beeld


One response to “Hospital Strikers: Eat Shit and Die

  1. wow, that just blows my mind. All they're talking about here is building a muslim community center 4 blocks from the 911 attack. As if it were a mosque right at ground zero.That's pretty disgusting too. The uproar that is.*sigh*


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