Running to the Sabbat

The man stood just outside the circle, blowing a silver summoning-horn as the priestess chanted the Call to the Sabbat from the other side.

I looked outside and, seeing the Imbolc Circle forming, grabbed up my sistrum, staff and a small drum, running to the Sabbat.

I woke up still dancing deosil in the Circle.

Everything conspires, right now, to herald the arrival of Spring. People seem to be going out of their way to tell me of their local trees in bud, or the sudden visibility of a bird, or the moisture-rich scent in the early morning.

Imbolc, that Cross-Quarter Sabbat hanging exactly between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox, will take place this year in the late afternoon of Saturday, 7th August. Leo Sun, and Cancer Moon, for me.

This year, I will be celebrating out of doors – and more joyously, I think, than for many a Sabbat past.


2 responses to “Running to the Sabbat

  1. Oh yes, seems like life can't wait to get started this season!!I haven't seen many buds yet, but the birds are back in force.have a fantabulous spring!!peave and love


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