Wabun ‘k wabuna

Rising, thou risest.

(Children of Dune: Frank Herbert)

Welcome to the Dream Season, the season in which the soul undertakes its most important evolutionary strides, the season in which the plants and animals whisper into your mind as you sleep, and all the world seems bent on becoming more than it was before….

On the night when Neptune turned retrograde, in the sign of my natal moon, the plants returned to communicating with me in dreams.

This time I received more of a genre specification than a species.

Five flower heads arose on one stem, each one a different colour. The central flower looked a little like a large daisy, and I knew it was linked to the Sun, as the flower heads around it were linked to the Moon and other planets.

It was the Solar flower which held my dreaming attention – a voice said Serpentine.

I have never heard the term before, but behold: an entire category of plants bearing this name.

Apparently, they’re great at removing specific toxic elements from the soil.

Now to find out if any local varieties exist which I can use in my own slightly tainted suburban soil…

Image: John Schoenherr


One response to “Wabun ‘k wabuna

  1. The understorey planting might have indigenous equivalents but I am not sure — we do have local mimulus?But I love that serpentine/solar dream image.


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