Act of Remembrance

I know that small, symbolic actions are not going to save us. I am so very aware that taking shorter showers is going to do little if anything to mitigate the destruction of the biosphere of this planet – in fact, it may be adding to the catastrophe, as people find their consciences soothed by taking these small and inconsequential actions, and thus go no further in their activism.

However, this morning I find myself wearing a black armband in remembrance of all those humans killed in Witch hunts on the African continent. It’s quite a host of the Dead I carry in my mind; the victims of humanity’s fear and loathing of my spiritual path.

Let me be clear – I am Shaman, yes, but I am also a Witch, and have been for decades in this life.

Most of those killed by society’s infantile fear of the dark were not practising any form of Witch Craft. It’s a pattern familiar to those in Europe of centuries past – the old, the infirm, the children, the women. Taken as scapegoats.

Therefore, this morning and for 30 days following, I will be wearing my black armband in solidarity and honour. What appeared at first to be an adolescent attention seeking gesture I find, upon reflection, to be nothing of the sort – it is a fully adult, mature and compassionate action which reminds me, reminds others, re-members the very soul of our various Pagan paths. And that is in no way a bad thing.

5 responses to “Act of Remembrance

  1. "society's infantile fear of the dark"That certainly covers it well.I'm reflecting on how different euro and arican cultures are, yet witch hunts, and the accompanying attitudes are almost identical.I do notice in both that the one thing the victims usually have in common is indepedance (from the tribe).peace and love


  2. I stumbled apon your blog at The Aquarius Papers. I am a promoter of The dark Goddess Lilith and resonate strongly with the sentiments in this post. Great Blog. I shall add it to my Blogroll as its a great resource.I am at Lilith Pages.


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