Flash Connections of Ecstasy

What is it that you most enjoy doing?
In what actions, or inactions, do you feel the most joyful?
What is it that makes you feel so good that you are completely content, right here and right now, with this incarnation?

Take that feeling and purify it. Strip from it any external causation, any sneaking feelings of guilt or anxiety, any thoughts of ‘I should be doing something else’.
Then condense its essence so that it lasts a couple of seconds.

This is the energy I’ve, inexplicably, been connecting with intermittently for the last couple of days.

I really can’t say where it’s coming from. It’s as if a great big Happy Party was going on in the next room, and occasionally the door opens, and I’m standing in the room. For a scant few seconds.

It’s not that I’m unhappy. Or depressed or blue in any way whatsoever. I feel sadness, yes, agonies of it even – but I couldn’t call that unhappiness. I’m learning to live the experiences so that happy and unhappy are less and less real descriptive words I can slap on my state. It’s all learning.

So I’m a little puzzled by these flashes of pure joy. They’re beautiful, and no, I don’t want them to go away, but I’d like to learn more about what’s behind them.
Why do I get mini-ecstasy connections, now, at this point in my cycle?

Hey – it’s a Mystery. And that makes me even more content.

Pic: Maxfield Parrish – Ecstasy

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