What Was That Again?

President Zuma’s State of the Nation address failed to impress on Thursday.

It did, however, raise a giggle throughout the House as he wished LOC Chairperson Irvin Khoza all the best for the months ahead. This is presumably because Khoza is the father of the woman Zuma implanted an extra-marital baby on recently. It was good to hear that South Africans, even when they are MPs, can continue to cruelly taunt a leader demonstrably lacking in morals on a deep basis.

I was a little gobsmacked to hear about the 480,000 jobs which Zuma claims his administration created this year. Then I realised what he was on about – those jobs were produced in the ANC’s version of the particle accelerator. They pop into existence for perhaps a nanosecond and pop out again. But they were created.

But the real head-turner, for me, was when he addressed the lack-of-service-delivery protests which have been going on around the country. President Showerhead zuma’d in on the municipalities of Balfour in Mpumalanga and Thembisa in Gauteng.

The residents are getting understandably fed up with an administration long on promises and short on delivery. Here I quote:

“We reiterate, that there are no grievances that can justify violence and the destruction of property.”

Excuse me, Cadre Zuma of the African National Congress? Just how do you think that your organisation came to be running the country?


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