..In the Service of Life

As some of you may be aware, I occasionally like to blabber on about Panspermia on this blog, having an irrational urge to support Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinge’s progeny.

Fred Hoyle passed some years ago, but Professor Wickramasinge has recently published his findings that seem to fully support the gentlemen’s ideas.

As we already know – if we’re paying attention – large parts of the galaxy contain dust clouds carrying organic molecules.
The twist, however, follows:

In his paper, he says recent interpretation of spectra readings from the organic molecules found in interstellar clouds has indicated that they are in fact the remains of bacteria which has been broken down, rather than being built up.

So, from death unto life, eh? Not a new paradigm, but one given poignancy by its grand scale.

As Wickramasinge puts it:

“Interstellar clouds appear to be the graveyard of life not its cradle,”

And we go ’round again…

Pic: Here


2 responses to “..In the Service of Life

  1. Remains of bacteria in intersteller space? This postulated by spectra readings…hmmmm….so the occassional warm color of the moon must mean that it really IS made up of cheese! I love this logic!


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