How beautiful it is.

From each subatomic particle ranging within its field to every angry man ranting and bullying to shield his poor opinion of himself.

How wonderful you all are.

Like traceries of violent hues backlighted by a wash of the colours of life energy – how delicate, how fragile. How alive.

Thy dance is a composition of grace. Flashing now here, now back there, ever awful, ever awesome.

And I, falling backwards with arms spread wide to embrace the unseen, am swept away on a tide of rising, gentle laughter which echoes down the eons and across the megaparsecs.

Pic: Byron Coons


One response to “How

  1. The time for yourself is obviously doing you a lot of good :)Just another mention about your wonderful images you find … beautiful stuff.Yesterday was hot, and today i woke up in thick mist. More rain though, may it bless your garden.peace and love


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