Of Crows and Corporate Thugs

More time-and-money wasting by the scientists.

Although I think I read about this a year or so ago, and New Scientist is looking to fill space on their site.

But really – so crows can recognise human faces? What a revelation!
They could’ve just asked me, or anyone who’s spent some time with birds.
And it’s not just crows, either – the sparrows who nest across from the smokers’ balcony at work recognise faces as well. The time I bring them bread and cheese can vary wildly, but they almost always greet me the first time I step out onto the balcony on any given day. I get scolded, too, if I’ve forgotten to share my breakfast with them the previous day. They have great memories.

The Pied Crows who scavenge around Melrose Arch recognise , not just my face, but that of my favourite colleague, who I normally just call The Moffie.
The crows don’t normally waste their time hanging out with the Sparrows, but will put in an occasional appearance nonetheless. And I mean occasional. They seem to know when there’s a special day – the day I read Tarot for The Moffie, they came and perched on the microwave tower, looking down at us and commenting loudly.
Then the other day -on his birthday – two of them took up position on the tower and facing us, cawed loudly and long, as if wishing a ‘Happy Birthday’ to my depressed friend.

It’s not just faces they recognise, then – but time and emphasis as well, as it pertains to humans. At least, as it pertains to humans who have bothered to initiate a relationship with them. But I’d like to see the scientists attempt to measure that one.

In other news:

This Facebook page gives details of the world-wide take-to-the-streets scheduled for February 6th, my son Shevek’s birthday, as it happens.
In South Africa I see a marked reluctance for people -white folks in particular – to apply themselves to this kind of not-so-radical action. Seems like we think we need to belong to COSATU, or be Black, to protest in any meaningful way.

…Or maybe we’re a bunch of complacent upwardly-mobile civilised corporate thugs. Hmm, that’s probably it.

3 responses to “Of Crows and Corporate Thugs

  1. I have a book: "can plants talk" by Ralph Levinson from 1983, which outlines evidence that plants can do what these scientists are only now discovering about crows?Junk science like this irks me. This universe is highly intelligent in every respect.Yet they start off by assuming everything is stupid. Odd …peace and love 🙂


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