Buying Our Way

I see people all the time who think that they can buy their way out of their own personal boredom, anguish, or sense of self-worthlessness.

Most of these people, of course, are perfectly correct to feel unworthy. They are blank-brained idiots who see something which makes them go ahh and want to buy it, to appease their inherent need for -what? – love, gratification,power?

I am so disgusted I can’t begin to explain the sense of loathing I feel towards such people.

And yet, they are all around me. And all around you, too.
They are the marching morons, the zombie population who are driving this machine called civilization.

It’s an appalling selfishness which informs this – I like it, I’ll buy it – mentality.

Tell you what – give me the choice of bombing the hell out of the big corporations and bombing the hel out of these small, brainless, vain ego-centric individuals, and I’ll choose the murder of the millions every time.
This planet, and all life on it, truly does not need their vacuous stupidity.

I wrote that about three hours ago, and due to the fact that I’m at work, couldn’t find time to post it on the blog. It was sparked by a woman – a woman, by all that’s holy! – who thinks that she can buy a wild creature just because it’s cute.

You cannot buy the force which moves the stars and binds the molecules. You cannot indulge in commerce with the root of all that’s sacred. You cannot…arrrgh.

I’m displaying it now as an example of my own Rage.

But oh hel I needed that lesson.

Needed to know that, however lulled into semi-somnolence I might be on occasion, I am still very much embedded in the Wetiko Culture.

The culture which sees the All as commodity, to be bought, sold, and above all consumed.

The Cannibal culture which not only eats its young, but all Life, including itself .
Let me never forget that.

And in the meantime, let me try to not be eternally surprised when I rub the sleep from my eyes and find that I’m surrounded by fatuous evil.

3 responses to “Buying Our Way

  1. I completely aggree. We are being fed a diet of gadgets and must have items that we don't even need,as well as mind numbing tv like Glee,Desperate Houswives,and over here in the UK Skins and Hollyoaks. We are being brainwashed by the media to such an extent that stupid teen girls actually think that the planet in Avatar is actually real and when they find out it isn't, some of them are contemplating suicide. Teen culture is taking over and to a certain extent it is being fuelled by middle aged media executives who are only interested in ratings. What a sad world we live in.


  2. Retail therapy, some call it. I find it so sad that this is all e have to offer our youth, whn they confront the emptiness around them.I get angry too, but it fades quickly, to a kind of pity.Forgive them, for they know not how staggeringly pathetic they are.peace and love


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