Death By Murder

I know I haven’t said anything about the Copenhagen debacle. What is it that I could say?

Well, I could say that personally, I don’t believe that Climate Change-or-Global-Warming is a conspiracy theory – I tend to think that all conspiracy theorists are wishing for is for someone, anyone, to know what’s going on and be in charge, even if they are evil.

No, I think that the scientists whose job of work is to try to know what’s going on with the planet’s climate are non-malicious, largely well-meaning people who are putting together the data as best they can, without an ulterior motive.Or much of one outside of their civilised self-interests, of course.

But what mass media has to say about the whole thing is another matter entirely. The popular press has made much of Global Warming – well, there’ so much pomp and ceremony, so much political drama to cover, isn’t there? But the thing I see very little about in the mass media of communications is the plethora of ways in which civilisation is hacking and poisoning to death our only planet.

Pthalates and dioxins in food and water and air. Seas of deadness and of floating masses of plastic. Human and non-human beings altered chemically by the by products of civilisation, maimed, dying and grossly distorted. Whole mountain tops being hacked off. Clearcuts. What on Earth could ever be the rationalisation for clearcuts, for gods’ sakes?

The Earth is not dying – it is being murdered. Soil layer by soil layer, stratum by stratum, ocean by ocean. Our effluents are doing a thorough job of making our entire environment fucking toxic.

It needs to come down. It needs to come down now. And all the while, the mass media would have you believe that climate change is the one thing we need to focus on. Not a conspiracy. A fucking mind-blowing display of civilised thinking. Don’t focus over there. Focus over here. With the perpetual holding out of hope that l the governments of the world can do something about it.

While we slash and burn and toxify our planet, with no end in sight as the population grows and the demand for food and fuel increases. Entire countries have been invaded for this demand, I remind you.

It’s the Machine which needs to be clearcut. And right now.


One response to “Death By Murder

  1. Sadly trueHere in the UK our politicians still talk about growth as if they believe their ever expanding economic vision has an ever expanding world to support it. And that in a land where most of us have a global footprint of 3 to 4 planets already and we have to export our toxins to Africa and China.


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