Our Plan to Destroy the Known Universe

So, CERN has started firing beams of protons into each other again, after a fairly lengthy lay-off.

And already the physicists, my former brothers-in-ideology, are making plans for the next bigger, better, more energetic collider.

So, surviving its own attempts to shut itself down under a series of guises, including a last desperate bird strike, the Large Hadron Collider looks like it’s ramping up for an all-out effort to Destroy the Known Universe. Or discover the Higgs Boson, whichever comes first.

I wish it good luck.

If, like me, you’re a little bit curious as to the mundane operations at CERN, why you can now follow most of them online. Including which sites are warming up for our final assault on civilisation. Mwahahaha.

Pic: Alice, A Large Ion Collider Experiment. Really. At CERN.


One response to “Our Plan to Destroy the Known Universe

  1. Well, at least if we have reached a false-valley energetic state in our current universe and CERN nudges things over to another one, we won't have to worry about global warming much, will we? 🙂


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