Forbidden Future

Jupiter has been transiting my natal moon. Backwards.

Perhaps this is why I’ve had an active distaste for scientific topics for the last few months.

But anyway,with a direct Jupiter doing his thing across Aquarius by now, I was alerted to this super-smart dude, and one of his theories.

(I really would download and read some of his publications, if you’re inclined.The man has a wide-ranging intelligence, within the scientific confines, at least.)

A governor is a device which stops a system from reaching a critical state of overload by means of feedback. It seems, if Dr Nielsen is correct, that the Higgs Boson may be acting as just such a device – from its future to its past.

Or, rather, from our future to our past.

The equations which describe particle states are symmetric in time – that is, they work equally well with time going forward as backward (err..from our point of view, that is).We usually think of the past state of a particle influencing its future state. But it could work equally well the other way – the future state of a particle could influence its past.

Please keep in mind here that all reference to ‘future’ and ‘past’ are made by a currently-incarnate being, who irrationally sees time flowing in only one direction. Mostly.

Well, given the tremendous problems the Large Hadron Collider has been experiencing, Holger Bech Nielsen has postulated that the main particle the LHC was built to look for is behaving like a governor on the present with respect to itself. In other words, future Higgs Bosons (named the god particle for its apparent function of endowing all other particles with their physical properties) are forbidding their own discovery, by putting a kaibosh on the present working of the LHC.

Is it, in fact, a feature of this 3D-plus-time plane which ensures that some things can never be known?

Perhaps some mysteries need to remained veiled, in this time and this space.

Maybe we struggle to describe certain phenomena because we literally cannot.

Now, just have to wait out that pesky Neptune and awkward Chiron traipsing across my natal moon. Backwards.

Pic found at Spaceweather


2 responses to “Forbidden Future

  1. Now, I am willing to agree that we might never be able to discover EVERYTHING the universe if made up of due to our possible inherent inability to concieve of certain states, dimensions, whatever, but I sincerely doubt that a PARTICLE could act in a willful manner to prevent it's own realization, unless such a particle is what makes up the collective conciousness.Fascinating idea, though, crank up the collider and let's go talk to God…….


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