Father Earth

There’s a two million year-old man no one knows.

They cut into his rivers.

They peeled wide pieces of his hide from his legs.

They left scorch marks on his buttocks.

He did not cry out.

No matter what they did, he did not cry out.

He held firm.

Now he raises his stabbed hands and whispers that we can heal him yet.

We begin the bandages. The rolls of gauze. The gut, the needle, the grafts.

We slowly, carefully, turn his body face up.

And under him, his lifelong lover, the old woman is perfect and unmarked.

He has laid upon his two million year-old woman all this time

Protecting her with his old back, his old scarred back.

And the soil beneath her is fertile and black with her tears.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes , found in this interview with Carolyn Baker, worth a read in itself.

Pic: Found here


One response to “Father Earth

  1. Very poignant. I love Clarissa Pinkola-Estes.We all have these unified dualities within us. Ignoring one in favor of the other leads to imbalance and disharmony. Both must be nurtured and embraced.Heal the old man. Embrace the mother. Love them both.


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