Boaz and Joachim

It’s the duality out of which all things are made.
Sun and Moon.
Mercy and Severity.

Beauty and Strength…Power and Compassion…Honour and Humility…Mirth and Reverence.

Pole and AntiPole.
Positron and Electron.
Top and Bottom quarks.
Light and Darkness.

The twin pillars representing the polarity underlying the entire material plane.

One god invariably splits into two, and breeds. Heinlein, I think.

From the One proceeds the Two, and from the Two, the Many..the All.
From the All – the Zero.
Yes, we know it’s mostly a material illusion,surely we do. But there is nothing made without the twin foundational pillars upon the Earth plane.
And between them: the Middle Pillar.
I’m fairly shocked that I’ve never explicitly performed the Middle Pillar exercise – but that’s what a crooked path will get you, many surprises as the road twists and turns.

However, the concept is pretty well internalised.
Between the black pillar and the white, at the focus, held in tension by their polarity, is the result of their union. You and me, teeming Life, and all incarnation.
You have to circle back behind the Tree to find the Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur which is the ground of all being.

This Vernal Equinox:
I’m setting up the black and white candles upon the altar, and erecting the Boaz and Joachim within my soul.

Pic:by the ever-fabulous Avia Venefica at Symbolic Meanings


2 responses to “Boaz and Joachim

  1. Duality in Unity … Dancing Polarities that are not Two, but One … The One that is Two that are Many that are One … this is what makes up my "theology."River (aka Kay)


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