In the Wake

Aric McBay has a good site up which collects together inspirational and enraging commentary.

Quote for the day comes from Lierre Keith, discussing this culture of male violence against women and the earth.

“I don’t want to educate men, I want to stop them.”



5 responses to “In the Wake

  1. …OK, taken out of context!Lierre was discussing the prevailing culture of violence and rape. A woman stood up in the audience and opined that we needed to educate such men. The quote was Lierre's reply.Love,Terri in Joburg


  2. I'm very much with that.HOWEVER … you get back to the old dichotomy of might makes right.You average wife beater, needs to be taken to task by his peers, and elders, and more often than not given a bloody good beating. That will stop this "culture".The alternative is for the woman to use violence, hardly ideal, but in the real world it works.Problem, solution. But still violent. :(peace and love


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