"I Don’t See A River.."

I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything that Derrick Jensen has said with which I disagree. If this makes me somewhat of a Jensen FanGirl, so be it.

I therefore abase myself before Kim today, for digging up this little treasure:

“This is our culture’s fundamental flaw. I don’t see a tree, I see dollar bills. I don’t see a river, I see kilowatts. I don’t see a woman “this woman, standing in front of me. I don’t see anything, but I project into this space where this woman would be standing, were she to exist, what I’ve been trained to see. I see a temptress, maybe, or a receptacle for my sex. Or maybe I see every woman who hurt me. The ones who said they loved me, then ran away, or the ones who said they loved me, then tried to change me. I cannot give my heart to someone I don’t see, so I give it to no one. I don’t give it to woman, man, salmon, tree, or frog.”

I remain committed to bringing this civilization – this insane, destructive, wetiko culture – to the ground.

And it’s true – it’s all about the stories we tell ourselves.

Whether these stories appear to arise from our families of origin, the culture at large, or some personal malfunction we’ve taken onboard and thoroughly internalised, they mostly serve to keep us helpless. Powerless and rudderless, we drift along society’s polluted stream, absorbing more toxic beliefs as we go.

Unless we take off the blindfold, toss away the yarmulke, set fire to the veil, and behold ourSelves as we truly are – divine in all our parts.
We are the whore and the holy one, yes.
We are the ground and the depths of space.
We are the wave and the particle, yes.
We are the zero point and the circumference.
We are god – together, making and shaping and creating.
And the moment we really awaken to this, there is no going back.
We hold the internal fires of the stars and the destiny of all life within us, for there is no part of Us that is not of the Gods.


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