In Which PoohBear and I Demolish a Room

Even though it is really All One Thing, our fall into time came with a proviso: that we spend the incarnate temporal interval crafting an individual soul.

So, in dreams and meditation and Shamanic journeys, we not infrequently encounter the other-world image of the individuated soul – the house.

The beautiful house built into the green hillside which I have been exploring with my bear cub guide lately is looking fairly good. The north side entrance now sports a paved forecourt, complete with fountain. I think quite well of myself, sometimes.

One room, however, was pretty anomalous. The Lord of the Hunt in the long gallery presented me with a torc of heavy metal, which I can feel around my throat even in my waking consciousness. It seems to act as a method for increasing sensitivity to life. The terminals sitting between the throat and heart chakras leave the open space into which my own individual soul is supposed to slot.

Bearcub led me straight from the long gallery after receiving the torc, to a small room upstairs which seemed uncannily familiar. I know – this house is me; why should any room be unfamiliar? But this one I knew every corner and inch of. Each item was well-worn into my mind. This room had been with me for a long time.

But it wasn’t a part of the original creation which is myself, so it had to go. Bear cub and I detached it whole from the rest of the house, and made it dissolve back into the place from which it came. Only clean white plaster walls remain.
It was about bloody time this room was removed if you ask me.

In Other News, I have surprisingly only just discovered that Breath can treat physical ailments.
Yes, I know, I’m slow.
The phlegm travelling down the back of my throat into my windpipe was causing me to bark furiously last night, and wake up the rest of the household, to boot. Slow and deep application of Breath, carrying the life essence into every cell of the physical body put not only the cough to sleep, but myself as well.

Something is, however, worrying me. Not for myself or my beloveds in particular, but rather for all of us. I have had a frightening foreshadowing of the havoc pneumonic plague will wreak here in Africa….

Norse Raven Head Torc from Crafty Celts


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