Green and Red

There are no known meteor showers in August radiating from a point somewhat South and West of Orion, so I knew I was looking at a loner. Very bright, she was, for me to see her from the highway in Johannesburg with a nearly full moon just setting at 5:30 this morning. You know a meteor from an aeroplane, from a satellite, when you have been watching the skies for more than 40 years. She exploded briefly in an orange flash as she hit the denseness of the atmosphere, and was gone.

There is, indeed, Fire Under the Earth in this locality, at this time. South African Pagans have done a sterling job of turning the Wheel this Imbolc, for you can feel Spring is here.

From migratory birds starting to flock, through almost undetectable pheromones on the air, to the attitude of the human animals, all things conspire to tell us that Brighid’s forge is powering up in the land once again.

My Lady has shed Her leprous white aspect, and is now pale green. Lady of vegetation, Lady of the plants.

My Lord is stirring to full awareness, Lord of the creatures.

The Green and the Red I shall call upon to rebalance my soul when I put my own shoulder to the Wheel on Friday.

Lovely Brighid art: Jonathan Barr Weber


5 responses to “Green and Red

  1. ..not if you were trying to put up a pavillion on a school rugby field.Green for my Lady, red for my Lord.I sometimes forget that not everyone who reads here is a hardcore Pagan. :)Love,Terri in Joburg


  2. *chuckle* which of course is where you found yourself …No, perfect for indoor fires, childrens birthdays and drinking port, medicinal use only ;-)oh … i never knew that … thanks 🙂


  3. ..that was last month, Yule .:)But the Christian green and red colours for Christmas are symbolic in the same way – red for the blood, the life force of the anumals, and green for the chlorophyll, the lif force of the plants.LoveT


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