Since The Machine

There was talk yesterday and this morning on the local radio station of a magistrate who had adjourned the day’s proceedings after hearing that her dog had gone missing.

The Sowetan story refers.

“… a call had come informing the magistrate that her dog had gone missing.

“The court had to come to a standstill because the magistrate was crying for her lost dog,” said a lawyer.

“This shows that the life of a dog is more valuable than that of a person.”

He said some of the cases that were supposed to be heard on that day had to be set aside because of time constraints when the court finally resumed in the afternoon.

The lawyers accused Harrison of incompetence and demanded that she be replaced. “

I looked this story up because of the tenor of the comments and sms which were coming into the Talk Radio station. The way that this magistrate has been lambasted by the public is mind boggling. Calls for her removal, comments on her incompetence and lack of professionalism were the order of the day. Few and far between were the voices demonstrating understanding.

If the magistrate had received a call to say that her daughter was missing, I highly doubt we would have heard the round of condemnation of her actions which we were treated to.

One sms writer called the judicial lady ‘insane’. That’s right.

I’m not even referencing so-called dog lovers here. My question is: from where arises this incredible notion that human beings are automatically more important than any other form of life?

To the point that radio talk-show commentators – that’s the general public, aka you and me – can pronounce the magistrate as insane and not have that judgement questioned.

I think many of us know where this mindset comes from. It’s the ubiquitous Machine at work once more. Most people are so marinated in the culture of humans first, last and only that it really never occurs to them to question this presupposition.

We have forgotten that humankind was formed in the matrix of this planet. That the animals, plants, minerals and molecules of Earth are our very building blocks. That we are immersed in, and dependent upon, all other forms of life for our own.

Civilisation has violently disconnected humans from their natural setting, and replaced it with the – literally – mechanistic medium of The Machine, wherein all we notice, all we give headspace to and consideration for, are Man and the Creations of Man. The car, the house, the shopping mall, the cellphone – and the people attached to these creations – are all many of us are capable of considering.

We have been torn from our field of Life and we don’t even acknowledge that fact.

And no, going to the Kruger Park once a year to ‘view’ the Big Five from an upholstered hideaway is not Reconnecting With Nature. It’s a toxic mimic of it.

Who is truly insane here – the magistrate who cares so deeply for her canine companion that she must have at least the beginnings of an understanding that we are animals dependent upon other life forms, or the legions of public who have branded her as worse than a criminal?

6 responses to “Since The Machine

  1. Even on the "human" level shame, the judge loves her animals, and logically would want to go look for her animal, asap.Here too, we have work before all else. Different part of the same knee-jerk.peace ad love


  2. No matter how many tseunami's, earthquakes, plaugues, hurricanes, whatever takes human life in a mass scale, there always seems to be plenty more victims where those came from. However, when I hear of dozens of tigers or cheetahs or rhinos being poached, I am painfully aware of just how much closer to extinction these creatures are, and THAT is why I am much more distressed to hear of the later than the former. I am now VERY aware of the nature of man, and the less of us mucking things up, the better, this species traitor says.Don't expect me to weep over your grandmother if you refuse to be saddened over my cat.


  3. I agree that the tenor of the commentators on this subject is out of line. It's a privilege to be human but having opposable thumbs in no way makes us more intelligent or superior to animal or other forms of life. Most animals I've known are saintlier than most people I have known. Animals do a very important job on earth holding the sacred space and keeping the vibration of peace, especially at a time when most humans are running scared. The magistrate should be congratulated.


  4. And, you know, if I'm the lawyer, I don't want an upset judge ruling on my case. I'd rather have her go home and find her dog and come back another day when she's calm and can focus. Which, I realize, is off point, but, still.


  5. It might surprise you, but I actually agree with you one hundred percent here. Very well put. And on a practical level-"And, you know, if I'm the lawyer, I don't want an upset judge ruling on my case. I'd rather have her go home and find her dog and come back another day when she's calm and can focus."Very well put as well, Hecate.


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