In Perfect Love

When darkness falls on your life so hard that not even the stars are available to show you the way forward; when it’s down to the wire, just you and the universe, and nowhere else to turn; when you’ve run out of choices and that bleak depression threatens the very core of your being: who are you going to call?

Not Jesus, that’s for sure. Neither Hecate nor Anubis, Brighid or Tammuz. The gods are our own creations and while they can advise, they will not always be with you.

Trust another human being? I can approximate a good team player, trusting others to do their assigned tasks well enough so that it all comes together. I can trust another person to hold the canoe steady at the rear while I steer. I can even trust, for brief periods of time, another human with my very life.

But trust someone else with my happiness, my eternal Being?

Experience has taught me, through raw lessons, that we’re not always – or not even usually – trustworthy enough one to the other to hold each other in perfect Love.

The responsibility for your own Joy lies solely with You.

And, reciprocally, the amount of Love you put out into the Universe is that which is returned, often magnified, to your soul.

Have faith in the lessons of your own path. Let your inner light be your trusty guide and guardian. Believe the evidence of your senses, inner and outer.

Let us All become our own perfect Saviours.


4 responses to “In Perfect Love

  1. Sister,May I ask a favor? Some v dear friends, earth activists to their core, are expecting and there's trouble w the pregnancy. Will you please send some good magic to S in Vermont, USA? I will be in your debt.


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