Chop Wood

Just because one’s had a vision of certainty of How We Are, doesn’t mean that one can now sit and gaze into one’s navel for all eternity.

The One consciousness is filtered by different means into each incarnation’s being, and we must act in accordance with what we see as necessary.

Chop wood, carry water.

The fact that Big Pharma Us continues to poison our bodies and torture animal Us is still relevant. The fact that Big Oil continues to suck Gaia Us dry of life blood is still something we need to recognize, condemn, and act to stop. The fact that Civilisation Us is demonstrably insane is another reason to dismantle civ, facilitate anarchy wherever possible, and go out and blow shit up.

So, this fleshed piece of God doesn’t stop the fight just because she’s been vouchsafed the sight of the Correct. I fear some people may do just this, however – seek to drown in the vision and cease the completely necessary work We have before us on this plane.

Gnosis does not imply stasis.

The difference, to me, is that I can now blow shit up with somewhat more serenity than I previously brought to the job. And laughter – laughter is more ready, deeper and touches my soul in subtly different, but noticeable, ways. Meaningless? I don’t think so, not to this God, anyway.

Thank you, THE Michael Godpiece, for helping to crystallize this knowledge.

3 responses to “Chop Wood

  1. You're absolutely right Terri. If we give up on the world and everyone else once we find our truth then we obviously haven't really found the whole truth and are no better than the rest of the so-called civilization.


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