Ataraxia Part – Infinity

Riding to work in the mornings, these after-Yule days, it’s still dark.

Warren was talking about something he believes strongly in, and, while I do see things in quite the same way that he does, I do understand some of the roots and causes of those beliefs.

“When you believe it’s necessary to go to war against some ideal, or some group of people, you’re always fighting against yourself.

There is, indeed, no part of Us that is not of the Gods – and no part of the Gods that is not of Us.

It is all one thing.”

As soon as those words had issued from my mouth, I knew with utter certainty that this was the foundation and core of my being.

Not a belief – a belief implies a choice. This is just the rock-bottom reality.

It is, in fact All One Jewel, whose facets glitter in myriad array, sometimes being seen this way, sometimes that way.

Not even the shining network of gems sometimes known as Indra’s Net quite describes it – for We are not the separate stones connected by communications lines portrayed there, but something else more whole, more non dual, more One.

Not a web, not a net. One Thing.

This I know with every fibre of my Being. The beliefs and attachments to causes which populate my periphery are important, yes, but they are not the core.

I have never been as certain of something as I am of this – this is my Being, and yours, and yours, and Ours.

…and then I might add, the mirages we’ve set ourselves up with come clattering in: people, elbowing into your space, chattering their mundane thoughts at you and breathing into your face. All of which shatters this view of What Is.

Which is why I’ve had to put this down while I still remember it.


2 responses to “Ataraxia Part – Infinity

  1. Yes – all evil as well as all good is a part of It-err, Us.I don't find it meaningless, however – although in a practical, how-shall-I-live-my-life, I take your point, Michael.Love,Terri in Joburg


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