Daft Rambling To A Friend

Dear Braxsie,

I was going to write something completely different this morning, but my ancestors have whispered to me that this is more important.

I have been in worse financial states than you’re looking at right now – oh boy, have I been in worse! I’ve had years when I made barely enough to keep body and soul together – and, right at the end, I pissed what little I had completely away.

Today, I live in a small house with a totally affordable bond in a lower middle class suburb, because my partner and I have no children. We have canine companions, but when all is said and done, they work out lots cheaper than human children.

I make maybe three times the salary of my partner – nothing wrong in that, it just means that I could run this whole show on my own if it ever became necessary.

We can also comfortably afford the exorbitant legal fees needed to fight these subhuman robots called RSS Security who murdered our friends. At the end of the month, we often have money left in the bank – couple of thousand, nothing major, but we never have to stress about finances.

All of this is because of that one major fact – no children.

My relationship to money has become easy – not obsessive, not fearful. Two major causes of stress in this world appear to be over fondness for wealth and fear of money. I have neither. It frees me to be able to give more attention to researching the question of who I am, who We are, and what the hell we’re doing here.

Our children are our anchor into this plane. Without me or any other descendants, my ancestors would have no access into the world – and they are a great repository of wisdom from more than the earthly three dimensions. I often fucking hate human animals, mostly because we have the ability to do so much good, and yet we often behave like mass ambulatory zombies and commit deeply wounding evil upon this earth.
Yet our children are our breath and reason, as well as our anchor. Help them to grow into good and listening humans, and we’ve contributed greatly to the possible salvation of all Life. Our future truly depends upon them.

Besides, the bonds we have with our progeny are especially hardy – ask any axe-murderer’s mother.

Ask me now, if I would trade the last 10 years of growing financial ease and comfort for having had my son with me, to love and care for and to see him grow, and I would not hesitate a heartbeat, a nanosecond. There would be nothing to think about, nothing to consider.

You are far more blessed than I, dear Braxsie – and I hope you know it.


3 responses to “Daft Rambling To A Friend

  1. On the spot indeed. Thank you kindly, very much.I know a man who is wealthy beyond anything i could conceive, yet his children are sick, and it's sad. I am very proud of my kids, honestly believe they are healthy in body mind and soul. Happy, carefree and most of all, kindly to others.You're right, it IS important. The most important thing on earth, is to teach your children right.Sad that its so undervalued.peace and love Terri


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