Enough Already

No. Just No.

Cellphone service providers would, from July 1, be prohibited from activating a new SIM card unless they had captured the customer’s cell number, full names, identity number and address, and verified the information.
In a joint statement later on Tuesday, MTN, Cell C and Vodacom said all cellphone subscribers, both prepaid and contract, would be required to show proof of identity as well as present a utility bill to show proof of residence to be registered

You know, if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, that I abhor cellphones and resisted getting one until my hand was pretty much forced.

Now, I don’t care who can’t get hold of me in an emergency. This legislation is a blatant violation of a person’s privacy – not that it’s not going on anyway, but I’ll be double-damned if I’ll willingly take part in this fascist state nonsense.

The minute any damned cellphone ‘service’ provider tries to get any such information out of me, is the minute that I throw the demonic device against the wall for good.


3 responses to “Enough Already

  1. It's laughable the way they are trying to impose 1st world on our 3rd world economy. I take comfort in knowing that despite everything, africa will fight back, if only with it's weapons of ignorance and ineptitude.Africa is ungovernable, and black market cell phones will be as easy to get as black market guns are.It also demands we fight, but how?peace and love


  2. First car control, then gun control and now phone control!Next thing you know you'll have to have a licence use them, and get a learner's licence and take a test and all.


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