First Prize Twice

First prize in conformation, puppies, 0-4 months. Also Best Puppy in the show.

I’m not particularly keen on ‘dog shows’ as such, but the PBFSA‘s main agenda is to gain understanding of, and recognition for, this most human-bonded of all our canine friends – the PitBull.

So I’m a bit of a proud parent right now, please forgive me. Scylla wasn’t about to be left behind, even though she’s middle-aged and a little overweight. We had to enter her to allow her to be on the grounds. She was made much of by the PitBull people, who are solidly behind us in our quest to get RSS Security Criminals to pay for the murder of her brother and sons. It’s not money I’m after, but some form of recognition that our canine companions are not property, and that taking their lives should have just as serious consequences as murdering a human animal does.

Scylla enjoyed the interaction with people and other dogs, as did Taranis – who bristled and growled at dogs ten times his size if they showed any aggression toward me, Warren or Scylla. Taranis – bach is a little tiger indeed.

Here’s Scylla wearing her new, very butch, show collar:

Top Pic: Taranis and Warren in the ring – that’s a blue-eyed blond bully next to them-, very unusual.


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