Don’t Do It, MEND

The current president of Nigeria,Umaru Yar’Adua, has offered amnesty to the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta.

“I hereby grant amnesty and unconditional pardon to all persons who have directly or indirectly participated in the commission of offences associated with militant activities in the Niger Delta” Yar’Adua proclaimed from Abuja yesterday.

Don’t do it, MEND. Don’t take up any phony offers from the ruling elite.
You’re doing just fine, harassing the oil companies and frankly, I believe they’re running scared of you right now.

And I wouldn’t trust that bugger Yar’Adua as far as I could throw him, anyway.

The existence of a group like MEND – who are actually winning in the anti-wetiko wars – warms my heart on a day when the freezing wind is numbing my fingers and the ice in the air is bringing strange, and somehow evil scents to my nostrils.


2 responses to “Don’t Do It, MEND

  1. Thought it looked too good to be true. On condition that … The funniest is that they are clearly winning, they have no reason to stop other than "threats", which they clearly don't take too seriously.The govt and oil companies have thrown everything they had at them already.peace


  2. Bad bad bad idea even if its possible a court order must be taken beacuse presidential seat can be reelected so my brothers watch your step before you take it . Long live the movement of "MEND" long live niger delta


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