The Duat into Summer

Gemini Sun, old Gemini Moon.

Keeping the idea of light alive all through the deepest night of the year – candles burning against the dark on East and West altars.

Until the morning, five-to-seven, when the Lord of Light arose once more. The Child of Promise born to us by the Great Mother.

Suddenly, the Liquidamber trees are bare; skeletal branches outlining the perfect tree-shape, the duat against the ice blue sky. A doorway into Summer.

As slowly, slowly, with the creeping pace of a pendulum at the furthest reach of its swing, the daylight hours start once more to increase. And we traverse another turn of the spiral, outwards this time.

Pics: East altar, Yule Eve.
Yellowwood, Silver Oak and Razor Wire: NorthEast corner. The sun’s there somewhere.


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