So, the jack-booted jack-asses of the British National Party won a couple of seats in the European Parliament.

This is hardly the end of the world, although it does make the case for the British voting public becoming as moronic in their minds as the South African voting public.
I mean, if we can elect Jacob Zuma on the strength of his ‘traditional’ (read ‘patriarchal’) stance, then surely the Brits can bring in a couple of goons who claim to represent the indigenous people of that land.

Excuse me?

I am a direct descendant of the people who were hunting and gathering in Britain before the invaders came from the North, and from the East.

Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Norsemen and Celts, Firbolg, Cymry and Ulstermen… I speak as an authentic member of Pictish Britain, and I have the blood group to prove it. Now get the hell out of my country!

Back where you came from, you murderous, land-stealing thugs. Britain was never yours, except under force of arms and burn of fire.

The true indigenous of the White Isles spit upon you, Caucasians.

And your little dog, too.

If you think that was over the top, I recommend you to read some of the BNP literature sometime. It’ll have you peeing your pants in laughter.

“You just look and you just know,” . Fucking retard.


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