Family Light

With so many billions of stars in the cosmos, why does the sky appear dark at night?
The answer we have concocted to this, Olbers’ Paradox, is known as Hubble’s Law, and explains how, the further away a galaxy is, the more its light is red-shifted into a lower energy expression.

So, when we look up at night, we don’t see a sphere of light, but a dark sky lit only by the closer sources of light.
This is pretty similar to what happens when we contact our Ancestors.
Each one of us is the inheritor of so many individuals’ genetic sets, that connecting with them on a conscious level would seem to be a daunting task, to say the least.
When your ancestors start manifesting like an overwhelming crowd of spirit presences, you know the time has come to implement the representative system.

Much like many models of government around the world, the representative system allows the individual to interface with just one, or two, ancestors who presume to speak for the entire hoard.

Choosing such a representative may not be entirely left to your personal inclination – my paternal grandfather was not, in life, a particularly warm or empathetic person for example – but it seems rather to depend on a best fit between yourself and your lineage-mob. Someone who can connect easily to the values and personality you manifest in this incarnation.

In my own case, I have dexter and sinister ancestral representatives – grandfather Anderson on the right and Mom on the left. Some folks feel easier with only one representative spokesperson, of course, while others may have a veritable committee advising and helping them from the gene tree. But I’ve never come across anyone claiming to be in conscious (or even otherworldly) communication with all hir ancestors at once. The thought boggles the mind.

Like Olbers’ Paradox, such an individual would be ablaze with Light all the time.
Fortunately, our spiritual version of Hubble’s Law seems to ensure that, the further away from you an ancestor is in time, the weaker the possible transmission. Although there would be exceptions. Probably a very strong ancestral presence could manifest brightly at the distance of many eons – I don’t know, for I’ve never experienced it. My progenitors seem to have been mostly of average luminosity.

Which is no bad thing – imagine having to deal with a supernova in your past. It could quite overwhelm the living personality.

Pic: from the co-artist’s blog

2 responses to “Family Light

  1. I'm reinterpreting all the dreams and voice contacts I've had over the past few years in light of the Ancestors (something I didn't believe in before).I'm very excited to see what happens.


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