Four Dimensional Torus

I’m a big fan of T Thorn Coyle’s work. I completely get the woman, even though I don’t know her personally – what she writes resonates harmonically with me.

So, I’ve been reading her latest offering, Kissing the Limitless, with a great deal of Joy. Some of the exercises have been of tremendous help, as I feel that I’m working along with someone whose mind works just a little bit like mine.

Despite a zero intake of any drugs or alcohol over the last ten years, still it is that I have a psychedelic mind – it was probably rewired during my Shamanic Dismemberment – and I truly don’t have any need to ingest consciousness altering substances. Mind does pretty well all by itself, thank you.

Well, I was sitting in meditation last night, breathing into the still place in the pit of my belly, as Thorn recommends, when I noticed Ajna waving a paw for attention. Shifting my awareness from my second chakra to my sixth, I discovered there, too, a deeply quiet, focused point in mySelf. I split my awareness between the two points, breathing deeply and slowly,and..brought…them..together.

A black Rose blossomed before my inner vision, opening a tunnel of connection as the two points merged.

Pretty much like folding the tesseract. Bring one three dimensional point into congruence with the other, and a four dimensional object appears.

This four dimensional being is now composed of two Still Points: one deeply connected to the World Soul, the other to the God Soul of the Cosmos. The Divine Twins, if you like, co-creating the Peacock, which is a new thing altogether.

Also like the two poles of any duality – one end introverted, nurturing and earth-infused, the other intellectual, spiritual in an outward sense, seeing the dance of energy around all of creation.When the two merge, kiss, the extra dimensionality creates a much more profound way of viewing the All.

Thorn says:

But the Divine Twins dance everywhere. The Twin Pillars vibrate up and down, within and without, the entire process of the universe. We are that process, just as galaxies are that process, just as neurons are that process, just as bees and irises and squirrels are that process.

We Are That Process.


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