Getting the KhoiSan Goat

Botswana government doesn’t like Bushmen’s goats.

Apparently, the abusive government of Ian Khama thinks that the Bushmen’s goats don’t match the decor of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

As if the First People of the Kalahari hadn’t had enough rubbish to put up with. Evicted from their ancestral land a couple of years ago, they’ve recently been allowed to return. They then had their goats confiscated, and returned – and now confiscated once again.

The KhoiSan are the great big finger pointing at this country’s Bantu population. They give the lie to Black South Africans claiming indigenous status. Bantu and European both have harassed and abused these hunter-gatherers almost to extinction.

I recommend a visit to the website of the First People.

There’s a lot more going on in this neck of the woods than recovery from the brutalising apartheid regime. There’s entrenched civilisation at work here, just as it has been for thousands of years.

Yes, thousands.

Pic: BBC


2 responses to “Getting the KhoiSan Goat

  1. Another issue so close to my heart.Have you seen the Bleek-Lloyd archive–some 12 000 pages of testimony taken down from said San ex-prisoners in the 1870s?Heartbreaking.xxMary LA


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