Is the Universe Waking Up?

What are your earliest memories in this life?

I’m fortunate in that my family moved around the world when I was young – giving me a fairly-well calibrated timeline for my memories. Thus, while most of my first two years are blank, I can recall scenes which must have taken place before my second birthday, as they feature South Africa.

I remember walking (toddling, I guess) into my grandparents’ living room. All I could see were legs up to knees, their owners obviously seated in armchairs. And walking down a street which passed under a bridge, a balloon floating on its string from somebody’s hand. And passing a Zulu in full regalia, seated on the curb, drumming, as I flashed past in my grandfather’s car. Which was blue.

From this 47-year distance, these scenes appear like a computer, sputtering into life. Hesitantly at first, with bursts of clarity, and in between the bursts, nothing.

Shortly thereafter, I remember swinging on a seat in an airplane, looking down at New York City as the skyscrapers defeated the clouds. This must have been 1962, therefore I was two, going on three.

Listening to Bruce Damer talking on the topic “Is the Universe Waking Up?” ,I was strongly reminded of a couple of my fellow Physics-major students at university. Irrepressibly enthusiastic, Bruce poses the question: is the universe like a person rousing from a head injury, or surgical anesthesia ? Or, I asked, like ourselves when our consciousness is switching on?

All things considered, there’s certainly a higher level of consciousness at play in a larger number of my fellow humans right now than there has been or many a century.

Cruelty which used to be taken for granted, such as dog fighting, is now considered quite beyond the moral pale for most folk – and in those who do practice this abuse of human power, there’s a definite tendency not to shout it from the rooftops. More people seem to be displaying more…err..humanity than they did even twenty years ago. Is this perhaps a consequence of the field in which Life exists becoming more firmly saturated with qualities of mercy, compassion, and a loathing of wanton cruelty? Maybe it is. I know there’s still plenty of inhumanity, senseless abuse and rabid power-fuelled insanity going on, but conversely, I see more of the higher virtues being shone at the same time.

We are, after all, frozen light. Star dust. Our bodies are composed of the elements which produce the joyous conflagration of the suns – the same elemental particles which created the material universe in the first place. Not similar particles – the same ones. These words I’m pouring past your synapses are nothing more –and nothing less – than energy trapped and frozen on your screen. From the mind of God to the mind of God.

Maybe, it is not so much that the universe is waking up – I have experienced communication with parts of it which are definitely neither asleep nor comatose, yet which are not often considered as conscious by many of us – but that the Field is developing a better Memory.

In that case, we should see to it that the remembrances to which we All will some day have access are at least instructive, if not downright ecstatic.

…and we should also bear in mind some of Terence Mckenna’s last words, as his brain was being dissolved by a tumour the shape of a mushroom:

“It’s all about Love.”

2 responses to “Is the Universe Waking Up?

  1. What are your earliest memories in this life?..Life as spirit or as Billy?My first memory as spirit is becoming conscious that I was a part of all of this. My first memory as Billy is hard to say because young minds get things mixed up in the order they came in.But off the top of my head it may when my hand got stuck in an old wringer washing machine and put that scar on my right arm that is still there to this day.


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